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ES100-TS Electrosurgical Generator

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The MedGyn ES-100TS Electrosurgical Generator meets all the demands for LEEP/LLETZ procedures with ease of use for the operator due to the touchscreen of the device.

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MedGyn’s generators feature both monopolar and bipolar functions to satify all your electrosurgical demands with safety, flexibility, reliability, and convenience.


  • Digital display of power, sound signal is given when the minimum or maximum power limit is reached
  • Pure & Blend cutting mode
  • Mono-polar coagulation and bipolar coagulation mode
  • Designed with patient plate continuity monitoring circuit
  • Isolated RF output. Output controlled by pencil switch or footswitch
  • Adjustable output sound volume


  • Single Pedal Footswitch
  • Double Footswitch
  • REM Silicone Rubber Plate
  • HIFI Silicone Rubber Plate
  • Mobile Cart

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